Maggie Moyer Acupuncture - Ask me about Acupuncture
Private Sessions what goes on???During a Private Acupuncture sessions we can tailor the treatments to your needs. The initial session is the longest and most cost , It involves the interview, evaluation and first needle treatment. I will make every effort to keep you comfortable. When I put a needle in I am asking the Qi (energy) in your body to move. sometimes it needs to move from a very stuck situation, sometimes it needs to move where it has not been for a time. This may cause various sensations in your body. However if you experience pain PLEASE let me know i can adjust the needles. If a particular position is uncomfortable for you again let me know I can be very creative. Some people cannot lay on their backs but can on their sides, others cannot lay face down others need to sit up. I have many pillows and props available. If you are tense during a treatment it will only block the movement of Qi. 
I do ask when you start Acupuncture to plan on the first several treatments a week  apart. The process is like peeling the layers off an onion. The human body is a master at Compensation. If you injure your back , you may change your walk which puts pressure on your knees which now start to hurt etc. There may be many layers to get through. Everyone asks how many sessions. My answer is always everyone is different. some feel great after one others may take several treatments. 
Once we get you to a comfortable level we can do a maintenance, Most patients opt to do once a month but I do have those on every 2 weeks some every other month...or they call me when needed.  I hear people say Acupuncture does not work but when questions they only tried it once or twice. you cannot expect your pain to be relieved with one pain pill! Once you have a chronic issue it is a manner of managing it 
I always take your pulses and look at your tongue prior to a treatment. This gives me information on how your Qi/Meridians and any dampness etc occluding the flow of Qi in your body. Acupuncture is all about moving Qi!
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