Maggie Moyer Acupuncture - Ask me about Acupuncture
I have had my horses acupuncture for years however it was not until I had a very painful hip injury that I truly realized the power of Acupuncture. I could ride but once I dismounted I would develop severe spasms in the base of my hip which NOTHING touched it!!A friend suggested I try Acupuncture and within three treatments the pain was gone and I was back to riding. It was then I discovered as an RN I could get my Masters degree in Acupuncture and offer the same to others.
Once I started school part of the requirements was that we be in regular Acupuncture treatment. I decided to try out the student clinic. Prior to this my Acupuncture treatments were scattered. It was then I discovered the value of regular Acupuncture treatments! My moods seemed to even out, my chronic sinus issues which I would routinely be on antibiotics for at least twice a year soon lessened.
How ? It is a matter of moving the energy (Qi) in a natural flow and unleashing any areas of blocked Qi. Qi is a Chinese word which loosely means energy or life force. It flows in Meridians or Rivers of Qi. The meridian system is a separate body system. When I put needles in, I am not puncturing a blood vessel or nerve. In fact I take great care to avoid any underlying structure. It is it's own separate organized system. I am actually accessing specific points which have their own properties. 

Does it Hurt? Some points do pinch If you are uncomfortable please tell me I can adjust the needles. I am within hearing distance.

Can I get a disease? Not likely I follow strict precautions and use only single use needles. I also change all linen between patients. 

Can this take the place of seeing an MD? NO Please continue to see your Doctor and take all prescribed medications.
If you want to decrease your meds this needs to be done through your MD.
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